Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil

NR: Is there any special meaning behind the name, Pierce The Veil?

Vic: The name comes from a phrase that I learned during a sociology class in college. To Pierce The Veil means to go directly to the source of a problem and completely cut it out. This idea has helped me through a lot of problems in my life that I may have otherwise never gotten over. If something is truly bothering you or causing you pain, just go to the heart of the problem and get rid of it at the root. It can be a breath of fresh air.

NR: Your record "A Flair For The Dramatic" is amazing. What were some of the influences that went into making the record? -

Vic: Wow, thank you very much. Every band is influenced in some way or another by the bands they listen to and tour with, which we very much are, but in our case I am also very influenced by my dad. He is the one who taught me from the beginning how to play guitar, but he did a lot more than just teach me guitar. He taught me what playing music and being in a band is all about. He always reminds me to feel the music and play with my heart and my soul.

NR: Going from city to city, what are some of the things you do to fill time?

Vic: Sometimes when we get the chance we like to write songs with other bands that we tour with. On one of our last tours with Dance Gavin Dance, Jonny and I ended up writing and recording an acoustic song that we both put up on our Myspace for people to download.

NR: How did the short run through Mexico go?

Vic: It actually didn't¢t. One of the promoters messed up and some of the dates fell through, so we didn't¢t get to go. We were so bummed, especially because we were going with our friends in The Devil Wears Prada. Good news though, we re-scheduled the tour so we'll be going with TDWP in January!!

NR: What are some of the problems with taking the studio album to a live show?

Vic: Our biggest problem was that my brother Mike and I wrote all of the songs on our own and in the studio, so we had never actually played them live until we got an entire band together. It was actually really amazing to finally hear the songs with a full band and play them on stage. It took a while to get things really tight, but we are really having a lot of fun now.

NR: How exciting was it to see your record in-stores for the first time?

Vic: By far one of the most surreal and amazing feelings in my life. I must admit I did buy a copy of my own CD when it came out ...I'm a nerd.

NR: What advice can you give to other bands trying to make it an already flooded market? -

Vic: Focus on the music more than you focus on your moves on stage and how you dress. Music comes first. Oh, and buy a tuner for every member and use them live. It never ceases to amaze me how many bands don't bother to tune and sound completely horrid.

NR: With the year coming to an end what your plans for '08?

Vic: Time to tour!!! Now that the record is out, we get to do the fun part. We'll be out with Chiodos, The Devil Wears Prada, From First To Last, and many other amazing bands in 08'. See you at the shows!